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X4 Labs Extender Review - Medical X4 Penis Extender Device

X4 Extender is especially designed to be easy to use discreet do it at home penis enlargement solution. No other penis enlarger offers the same comfort and easiness of use keeping such effectiveness.

  • Fastest results reported
  • Easiest to use by every man
  • Maximum gain effectiveness
  • Medical tested and approved
  • Unique Hybrid System
  • Best comfort available
  • Correct peyronies
  • Suitable to any ages
  • Straightening curved penis
  • Discreet and do it at home

X4 Labs Medical Penis Extender offers an unique advanced traction control system that allows you to wear X4 Labs Extender comfortably as long as you need for fastest permanent penile enlargement at maximum possible level.


Why Is The X4 Labs Penis Extender The Best Medical Penis Device?

There are several BIG brand names in penile enlargement market. Each of them claims their device is the best one. We have searched for more and more information for a long time trying to figure out the differences between them thus to pick up the winner.

Let us share with you this is not an easy task at all.

Apart form the price, name and included bonuses, basically all penis extenders vary in only one point – the method of fixation. That's all. But believe us - this is the most important detail you have to look at very carefully.

There are two main penis extenders categories:

noose fix stretcher strap fix stretcher
Sometimes problems might occur.
Patients sometimes can't fix the extender to the body of the penis and successfully use the device, because of excessive compression or sliding of the penis glands.
Many more comforatble and safe.
Strap minimizes the risk of damaging the foreskin or over-compressing the penis glands.
The strap extenders are the only stretchers recommended by doctors.

The Unique X4 Hybrid Support System gives you access to both types of extender.

x4 extender hybrid systemHybrid support system X4 Labs extenders, because of silicon strap used over comfort pads to fix the X4 extender in place, make the use of extenders more comfortable while make the application of maximal extension safe.

The X4 Labs hybrid strap extenders are the recommended extender for both non-circumcised and circumcised patients.

The X4 Deluxe Extender offers
Highly Successful and Efficient Dual Support Hybrid System
for Safe Home Enlargement Treatment.

How does X4 work? How to use X4 Extender? Is it easy?
OK! Let me explain it. X4 Labs Medical Penis Device Review:

Penis enlargement with X4 Extender is incredibly Simple, Easy, and Safe.


Click on the video above to see how the X4 Labs Penis Extender works for you.


The simple principle of traction ensures permanent penis enlargement results.

The same medical technique is widely used in hospitals to stretch legs and arms buy applying constant weight.
You have seen them, for sure.

Clinically tested and approved by world renowned doctors, X4 Labs Extenders use similar medical traction but adapted for the most special part of your body.

By applying well-fitted amounts of force to the penis, the extender stimulates skin cells to continuously regenerate, increasing penis length and girth naturally & permanent.

Thankfully the unique hybrid comfort system X4 Extenders are very small, sleek and portable. This allows you to use them in the comfort at home or office unnoticeable. Loose-fitting boxer shorts or trousers could be worn over the device.

It is important to note that stretching without good blood circulation does not give good results. X4 Penis Extenders, because of comfort strap technology, improve blood circulation to guarantee enlargement.

Recently, The Discovery TV Channel, show a film about Traditional tribes of Burma. These people wear massive brass rings on their necks. It’s amazing how they stretch vertebral column by applying the similar method.

X4 Labs Penis Extender Bonus Pack

As a product from trusted manufacture X4 Extender comes with a huge bonus pack:
Everything you need to catch cute girls included.

X4 Labs Better Sex DVD X4 Labs $50 Gift Card
Better Sex Guide DVD Set includes two interactive DVDs with over 60 sexual positions. An Exclusive $50 Gift Card
X4 Labs PenisSuccess program X4 Labs Exercises Guide
Huge tips and tricks database on
how-to improve your sexual performance.
The best performing exercises guide for
quick and efficient penis enlargement.

Compare X4 Labs Medical Penis Devices Editions

Gold Premium
Gold Edition
Deluxe Edition
Starter Edition
Material Quality & Finish
Extension Bars
Tension Springs
3-in-1 Hybrid Support Piece
Wider Girth Base
Box Type
Instruction Booklet
Instructional CD-Rom
Video Tutorial
Training Program
Support Forum
Comfort Strap
Silicone Harness
Comfort Strap Memory Foam
Silicone Harness Memory Foam Membership
Erotic Better Sex Guide DVD
Seductive Better Sex Guide DVD
3-in-1 Hybrid Support System
Customizable Loop Fastening System
Cleansing Mousse
Cleansing Solution
Post-Stretch Lidocaine USP Spray
Overall Rating
X4 Labs Extender Premium
X4 Extender Gold
X4 Labs Deluxe
X4 Starter
  $445.95 $345.95 $245.95 $199.95

X4 Labs Medical Penis Devices Additional Benefits

Peyronie’s Disease? X4 Extender Peyronie’s Edition, because of specific design, is able to straight curved penis like no other penis device.

X4 Labs Medical Extende has been shown to cure Peyronie’s disease. The extender not only simply enlarges the penis; it also serves as a brace, straightening the penis like a cast straightens out bones.

No more surgery and broken dreams. No more confused because of curves.
Straight your curved penis and dig each woman at the far end of vagina.

In addition a special X4 Mini Pack exist, to cater to everyone's needs, specially designed for men with a small size (below than average) penises.

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Penis Enlargement at home is possible