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Penis Enlargement Methods - Overview

Pumps, pills, surgery, devices, exercises which one to choose? Which of these penis enlargement methods work and which don't? Here we will explain each of these methods in clear understandable language so you will be able to make the best choice. Let's start with a short description of each one.

Method #1: Penis Enlargement Devices (aka Penis Extenders)
  • The safest, most effective, natural, permanent and fastest penis enlargement could be achieved only by using advanced penis extender devices. They are able to develop your penile by applying precise amount of physical pressure. The results is permanent penis enlargement in both length and girth. Recommended by doctors.

  • TOP 3 Penis Devices
    Length Gain 1.5 - 3 inches 1.5 - 3 inches 1- 2 inches
    Girth Gain 1- 2 inches 1 - 2 inches 0.5 - 1.5 inches
    First noticeable results 30 days 30 days 2 months
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    Reputation Excellent Excellent Good
    Support Excellent Good Average
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Method #2: Penis Enlargement Exercises
  • The only 100% handmade penis enlargement methods use only exercises. That's right! Only penis exercises! The idea is to enlarge and develop penis' erectile tissue through the use of appropriate penis exercise techniques. You get get a much harder erection and better ejaculation control in addition to permanent penis size enlargement.

  • TOP 3 Penis Exercises
    Length Gain 1 - 3 inches 0.5 - 2.5 inches 0. 5- 2 inches
    Girth Gain Up to 33% Up to 25% Up to 20%
    Reputation Excellent Average Average
    Support Excellent Good Poor
    Quality Excellent Average Poor
    Doctor Approved    
    Doctor Recommended    
    Complete System Value 8.9/10 6.3/10 4.3/10
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Method #3: Penis Enlargement Pills
  • Male enhancement pills effect is based on various prosexual herbs that develop circulation and increase blood flow to the penis. In addition they stimulate Testosterone production. The result is a very powerful erection, more sperm volume plus gradually increased penis size in both length and girth.

  • TOP 3 Penis Pills
    Length Gain Up to 20% Up to 15% Up to 15%
    Girth Gain Up to 15% Up to 12% Up to 12%
    Visible results 3 Months 3 Months 4 Months because of
    30 days shipping time
    Reputation Good Average Average
    Quality Good Good Average
    Benefits Stamina, Erection  Stamina, Erection  Stamina, Erection 
    Return Percentage Less than 0.5% Less than 1%  
    Doctor Approved
    Overall Value 8.3/10 7.6/10 6.4/10
    Overall User Rating User Rating User Rating User Rating
    Detailed Review Page Review    

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Methods to avoid:
  • Penis Pump: This is a small vacuum pipe to insert your penile in. This pumps out air to draw high volumes of blood into the erectile tissue which swells up to its capacity. This results in a temporary enlargement in penis size. DO NOT work!

  • Penis Enlargement Surgery: Two manipulations are required one for lengthening and another for thickening. Although each of these procedures could add various permanent gains in a minority of cases, penis enlargement can have the reverse effect. ANY surgical procedure ALWAYS involves risks.

Which penis enlargement method is best for me?

Have a look at the table below. We have compared different penis enlargement methods against effectiveness (time and effort involved to achieve permanent visible results) and safety (because nobody is willing to hurt ones self) to calculate the rating:

Method Effectiveness Safety Rating Best Choice
Pills SinRex
Devices SizeGenetics
Exercises PenisHealth

As you may see devices (aka penis extenders) have the highest rating because they are both the most effective and safe to use in the same time. Penis exercises are safer but a lot of work is involved to exercise in comparison to penis extender devices; which you have just to put on and gain inches while you rest.

Please note: When comparing all general penis enlargement methods we have in mind only high quality products. Stay away from low-quality gadgets from suspicious manufactures.

Penis Enlargement Methods - Detailed explanation

Since the pumps do not work at all (more over they could be dangerous) we won't waste your and our time with them. So let's direct our attention to clinically proven to work methods only.

Penis SurgeryAre you ready to lie down under the knife? I AM NOT!

Surgery is one of the most popular penis enlargement methods. The enlargement is sure and permanent. But it is risky and expensive. Also there is a long period of reconstruction during which you cannot have sex at all and infections are possible. Don't forget scarring too.

It is highly recommended to choose the specialized in cosmetic penis enlargement surgery clinics and doctors. We do not recommend surgery in any cases so we will stop here. If you are wiling to try surgery and still believe this is only the method you trust we recommend you first to read these customers success stories and maybe you will change your mind.

Good Medical Traction DevicePenis devices: The absolute winner in penis enlargement!

A good penis extender device is a comfortable and lightweight one that can be worn at any time under the trousers. A special traction mechanism stretches the penile tissues thus forcing the cells division a natural bodies ability to adapt under the pressure. The longer you wear the extender as bigger your penis will be. This is the best of all penis enlargement methods known nowadays.

Here is the place to point out the most important advantage of devices against surgery: in surgically manipulation the growth is a result of injecting a fat from another part of your body whereas using a penis extender produce cells in the penile area to divide. Naturally. The end result is a bigger penis in terms of both length and girth.

Hand-made ExercisesHands-made enlargement exercises 100% Natural

The great thing about penis enlargement exercises is that you can take things in your own hands.

NO Pills. NO Doctors. NO Gadgets.

The idea is grounded on the principle of traction devices.
Still wonder if natural penis enlargement is possible?
It's just like a natural medicine. Read more

Read many more useful information about penis enlargement exercises...

You have made the first step to look around for a penis enlargement solution. The next step is to measure your size and to define a goal something like to gain 1.5 inch in 4 months or so. Now you have to choose one of all penis enlargement methods the best suited for you. The choice depends on your willingness to transform the decision into effect and the time you could separate for this task.

Nowadays most of us are not able to schedule new tasks in their hurried daily round. If case you have less free time the best penis enlargement method for you is PenisHealth™ exercises program. It takes very little time to perform several exercises in the morning or/and in the evening while you have a shower or a toilet. Read our PenisHealth Review for more information about this amazing 100% handmade natural penis enlargement program.

Yes. PenisHealth™ is %100 natural, safe and easiest to be fitted into daily routine. The main downside of this program is effectiveness it took 4 stars but you must perform exercises in the right way. Anything else reflects negatively. The better results you will get using a device. Have a look at this X4 Labs Extender Review to read more about one of the the fastest but safest penis enlargement solution available on the market.

Warning! There is an unbeatable combo between two winners: 100% Natural Penis Enlargement Exercises Program and The Best Penis Enlargement Device. Read this SizeGenetics™ System Review and get to know how the lifetime PenisHealth™ program membership used together with the superior and safe to use SizeGenetics™ penis traction device gains inches many much more that any other penis enlargement methods.

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