Penis Enlargement FAQ

Penis Enlargement FAQ

Below are the answers of some of the most asked questions that may help you regarding penis enlargement programs, methods and techniques.

What's the best penis enlargement program?

There isn't really a best program; it's really just the best program that works for you. There are many different programs, methods and techniques, however, many satisfied customers and endorsed doctors recommend SizeGenetics™ penis device. Penis exercises also work well for adding size to the penis; also try out penis creams and solutions, which are still being tested today to give you maximum results.

Will I have a 9-inch penis?

It's very unlikely that any penis enlargement product will give you a 9-inch penis instantly, but overtime it is very possible to achieve. Men can gain 1-3 inches from using penis extender devices.

How safe are the methods & are there any risks?

More or less all products do NOT have any risk of injury or any form of harm to your penis or any other part of your body. Any penis enlargement product you find will more than likely not have any risks. Saying that, penis pumps can give you a sore penis if you overuse it, but as long as you use it per instruction there will be no problem, and buy a good quality penis pump.

Are these natural enlargement sites all the same?

No. You will find sites around the Internet that do offer very similar products, but you will be able to see that they are not all the same quality. The best way to know that products are of the highest quality for the price you pay is to look for money back guarantee, customer's testimonials and clinical prove as well as how well the site is designed and managed, check to see if it has good content, nice images and maybe some videos to prove these are real people dealing with real products.

A good example of trusted website on penis enlargement could be found here.

Can pills actually make my penis grow?

They can, but they only help aid the process if used with a penis extender device. All sorts of male enchancement pills are showing up in the market everyday. A lot of companies have made thousands off of them. More or less all men use male enchancement pills and traction devices in making their penis bigger, as it is the best and most efficient way of doing it. So with that said, use both pills and devices hand-in-hand for the best results.

My penis is 2 inches bigger, can I stop now?

It really depends whom you were asking, however, if you stop using stretchers and products then you can expect to lose 25% of the length you have gained (half an inch). If you wish to keep your penis enlarged, use natural enhancements and exercise.

Some of these products seem like scams. Are they?

Yes, you will always find some scams over the Internet; however, the best way to avoid scams is to read reviews about the product. Thousands of men have had their lives changed due to clinically proven to work penis enlargement methods, so not all of them are scams, but some are.

What if my family found out?

They won't. It's impossible for them to find out. The only way they will know is if you tell them. Most penis enlargement products could be wearied unnoticeable under cloths. You may try penis exercises alone without buying any devices in case you afraid someone could find out your gadget. And it is easy to keep pills and creams at a private place.