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How to Increase Penis Girth?

Men Really Can Increase the Girth of their Penises.

After reading the title to this article, you might ask yourself, “how large is the girth of an average-sized penis?”

Average-sized men ordinarily have penises that are 4.85 inches, or 12.3 cm, in girth.

Can you increase the girth of your penis?

Yes, it is entirely possible to increase your penis girth if you know the right procedures and products to use.

Research conducted by “Psychology Today” was undertaken to determine if women had a preference as to penis girth in their men.

Out of the 1,500 women interviewed, nearly every one of them preferred for their men to have thick penises. They indicated that men with thick penises were able to satisfy them more fully and bring them to climax faster and easier.


Don’t Panic if Your Penis is Small

You can increase your penis girth.

Even if your penis girth has started declining lately, you can still reverse the process.

Penises sometimes do decrease in size due to age and lack of exercise. It is normal, during certain situations, for the tissue cells of the penis to die. When that happens, your penis can decrease anywhere up to one inch in size. Don’t despair, though, because help is here.

If you learn to train and exercise your penis, you can prevent it from decreasing in size and girth. If it already has decreased, you can use the training to restore it back to its normal size (and then some).

Once you complete the penis enlargement process, you will have a thick, firm penis that will be able to perform at a level you once thought was impossible.

Penis Enlargement Extender will Result in Permanent Increases

Extenders designed to increase your penis size, developed primarily to treat Peyronie’s disease and small penises, have become quite popular the past few years.

Men who have experimented with different penis enlargement techniques have learned that penis enlargement extenders are the perfect solution to their penile problems.

The penis extender work to increase penis girth and length faster, better, and more cheaply than any other technique in use today. Two advantages to using penis enlargement extenders are that the techniques are all natural and they result in permanent increases.

SizeGenetics Offers A Superior Traction Device

The penis extender devices marketed by SizeGenetics are manufactured using Medical Type 1 materials and are among the best extenders available.

Their devices are clinically proven to cause increased penis length and girth by up to 30%.

The process used by SizeGenetics results in a permanent increase of at least 1 inch within 24 weeks.

The penis enlargement technique used by SizeGenetics is much like the traction process used in orthopedic surgery. Traction devices are used to prompt your body’s already existing ability to adapt to pressure by performing exercises on the corpora cavernosa of your penis.

Once the traction exercises increase with intensity, the cells within the corpora cavernosa start pulling away and then duplicating themselves.


This process results in producing massive amounts of new, healthy penis cells. This, in turn, results in greatly increased blood flow, which leads to penis growth and strength.

The entire process will give you a longer, larger, stronger, and thicker penis. More importantly, you will be able to satisfy any woman in bed.

If you would like to learn more about the penis enlargement and traction devices manufactured by SizeGenetics, you can visit our home page.

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