Increase Sperm Count Increase semen volume Ejaculate more sperm

Is It Possible To Increase Sperm Count?


Studies have shown that you can increase your sperm count quite easily by taking a medically backed supplement such as Performer 5.

Also, you can ejaculte more sperm by adapting a better diet that is boosting your semen production naturally.

How Do You Increase Sperm Count?

Increasing sperm volume is not as difficult as one might think.

Over the last decade this issue has become more popular and thus has resulted in more research. Menís fertility rates and semen volume have declined over this last ten years. Now more than ever, men are trying to find new and effective ways to increase their semen production.

Now you have the ability to:

  • Increase sperm volume
  • Have bigger ejaculations
  • Raise sperm count and fertility
  • Produce greater amounts of precum

There are various ways to increase sperm count and ejaculate more sperm.

For example, you can increase semen volume when you donít have sexual relations for around 1-3 weeks. Abstaining from sex will naturally give you bigger ejaculations.

Of course, most men arenít interested in waiting weeks for sex.

Another way to increase sperm volume is by following a certain diet. Although many studies have shown that sperm boosting herbs and foods are effective, it is not simple and many people do not eat enough to really affect their sperm volume.

The best way to increase sperm volume is to take a medically backed and effective male enhancement pill.

Read How Does Performer 5 Increase Ejaculate Volume

How do volume pills work?

Volume Pills offers a unique blend of natural ingredients to increase sexual appetite, give you a better stamina in the bedroom, and increase semen volume.

Increasing the volume of semen you produce causes your penile muscles to contract harder to ejaculate semen which results in longer and more intense orgasms.

Volume pills boost testosterone production and also blood flow to the penis, which results in frequent erections that are much harder and last longer.

You will have increased confidence and you can enjoy your new benefits.

Your better performance in bed should also enhance your relationship with your lover and give you a new vigor in your sex life.

Results are typically noticeable within the first month or two of taking supplements.

A lot of the surveys and customer feedback have pointed to occurrence of multiple male orgasms, which are not that common but totally enjoyable!

How can a man achieve better orgasms?

Orgasms usually feel great. But if you can enhance them, why not try?

If you can increase the strength and length of the orgasm and have bigger ejaculations, then why not give it a try?

Itís not that difficult to accomplish, but most men do not understand how to. Understanding everything about an orgasm, including how they work, will really help you increase your orgasm experience.

The purpose of a male in evolution is to ejaculate sperm during an orgasm. During an orgasm a manís muscles contract in their sexual area.

The muscles include all of the areas in and around the penis to include the prostate and the anal sphincter.

There are some easy things you can do to make your orgasms better and longer.

Firstly we recommend increasing semen production. This means more sperm ejaculating from the penis that resuts in stronger orgasms than a small ejaculation.

The bigger the ejaculation, the better the orgasm you will be able to enjoy. Taking a semen volume enhancer such as Performer 5 will help you in this quest.

The Performer 5 formula is truly made for increasing semen and sexual stamina.