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Yes, there are indeed so many men worldwide who are dealing with the rigors of becoming bigger down there. After all, sexual satisfaction is indeed related to size.

At first you have to clarify what are you looking for – do you wish just to make your penis look bigger for tonight or you are looking for ways on how to enlarge your penis forever? In the first case you focus on an appearance but the physical is what most men should target.

So How to Enlarge Your Penis Safe, Fast and Forever?

Buy a device! A quality penis enlargement traction device. Forget all the rest if you want fast and proven results. Only a penis device can enlarge your penis to the utmost limit for a shorter time without any effort involved that is safe and healthy.

What is the magic of these traction devices? How do they work? Do they work?

How Do Penis Devices Work?Penis traction and stretching devices hold the penile in an extended state thus forcing cell multiplication. This is a well known method many Africans use to develop various parts of their bodies.

Penis enlargement devices use the same bodies' ability to adapt and change under constant pressure influence.

Read this detailed article on how a clinically proven traction device does work for penis enlargement. Video included.

Do You Want to Surprise your girl with A Bigger Penis TONIGHT?

TIP: Shave it + take a hot bath = Bigger Penis! You do not believe, do you? Just give it a try! It does not cost anything and there is no way to make a mistake. In a month or so your hair will grow again and everything will be the same just as before.

OK! Since you already know how to make your penis look bigger right away then you are ready to make a date to surprise your girl. Just remember to dress up in time otherwise she could notice the truth because of temporality effect of taking a hot bath.

See Success StoriesAre you looking for harder erection and lasting longer in addition to permanent penis enlargement?

Exercise! That’s right! Performing appropriate penis exercises for just 10 min per day combined with wearing a penis device will reward you with new physical size, powerful erection, more sperm volume and ejaculation control as an extra.


How to Enlarge Penis by Hands Only?

Penis enlargement exercises is your solution if you are looking for 100% natural and healthy penis enlargement by hands. It’s not necessary to take pills or buy any kinds of devices. Here you learn the two main penis enlargement exercises: Jelqs and Kegels

  • Jelq: This exercise is aimed at increasing both the penis length and girth. Lubricate your hands and penis and warm them up. Grip the base of the penis with your thumb and index finger (make a circle like the OK symbol) and slide upwards stopping just before the penis head. Repeat this around 300 per session several times per day every single day for two weeks. Then repetitions could be increased to 500-600 per session. For maximum effect you should alternate left and right hands – when one reach the head start with other at the base.

  • Kegel: This is the PC muscle training exercise that improves self-control during sex by taking control over the ejaculation process. At first you have to find the PC muscle – try to stop pissing – Yes! You got it! And this is exactly what you have to do for 5-10 min twice a day. Squeeze the muscle for 10 sec then relax for at least 10-15 sec. And repeat. That's all.

Keep in mind you must perform exercises in the right way otherwise you waste your time. A huge forum with lots of worthy information on how to enlarge your penis fast, safe and naturally doing the most effective penis exercises plus an exclusive detailed video explanations can be found here.

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