Homemade Penis Extenders

Homemade Penis Extenders

Are you one of those guys that can fix or build anything?
If that is the case, my hat is off to you.

I am sure that you are very competent and I would climb into any tree house that you constructed.

However, when it comes to penis extenders, I would prefer to use one that is manufactured by a quality company and has been thoroughly tested.

In the case of homemade penis extenders, it is not worth the risk to my penis to save the money to purchase one.

There are many dangers to using a homemade device for this purpose, when it comes to my penis, I don't think I would like to use anything that could be classified as "dangerous" in any way.

The problem with the homemade devices is that they tend to break, have the wrong stretching strength, or are just plain uncomfortable.

A good quality penis extender is manufactured and not made. There are penis extenders on the market today that carry the CE certification as a medical device. This tells me that by purchasing one of these devices, my penis is much safer. There are many years of research and development that go into making a safe and approved device.

The main problem with a homemade penis stretcher is the things that the maker did not think of. In that case I would be very leery of purchasing any blueprints from the internet that will give you instructions to build your own traction device to stretch your penis.

The first problem with homemade penis extender is that the tension is not correct.

If the tension on the penis extender is too strong, you could injure your penis. If the tension is too slight, you will get no benefit from the long hours of use. In addition, if the stretching is not in a straight position, you could end up with a bent penis.

When you purchase a well manufactured penis extender, you can be assured that the device has the right amount of tension to do the job without injuring your package. The design will also make sure that the penis is stretched in a straight manor, thus making sure you will not develop a curve in your rod.

The devices that are CE certified, assure you that you will get the results that you want without bruises, rashes, or, most importantly, pain. Read more

If you are considering the traction method of enlarging your penis, do not look past the dangers of making your own device. After all you are trying to make your penis larger and more functional not sore and disfigured.

Remember, you are trying to improve your confidence and self esteem, not make it worse by damaging your penis permanently.

Hats off to you if you are a do it yourself kind of guy!

Just save that for the new addition of the home or the custom paint job on your project car.

Avoid the damage you could cause you and purchase a stretching device from a reputable company that knows their business.

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Buy penis enlargement device that has the backing of the medical field with a CE certification.