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FastSize Extender Review
Do Not Buy FastSize Penis Extender! Ever!

Important! FastSize penis extender made by FastSize LLC has been caught by the FDA because of the false claim they made – their website says the product is medical and approved by the FDA, but this is not true. Read the full FDA report here and here

Do not buy FastSize.

Although their extender does not differ much from other penis extenders we can’t find a reason to buy a product from a seller that makes false claims. We believe in honesty so if somebody lies about something they most probably will lie again too.

There are so many products to choose from.

And most of them have real medical backing and are approved by the FDA. Please do not waste your time to read our Fastsize review below. Just jump to a top notch, high quality product such as SizeGenetics.

FastSize™ Extender is recognized as the very good copy (made in China) of the original Jes penis extender but it does not have the medical studies and other endorsements.

FastSize claimed to have medical grade and CE approval but this is not true.

Recently more and more renowned urology doctors point out the FastSize™ Extender as an example of a low quality product turned into a best seller because of aggressive ad campaigns all around the world.

FastSize™ Penis Extender guarantees FAST & EASY permanent enlargement in both length and girth. And they say you can wear it under clothes. – This is not true either – you can’t wear fastsize under your clothes because it is not designed to be used this way. Have you ever seen a picture of a man wearing the Fastsize under his clothes?
We haven’t.

Visit FastSize Extender Website

You can't visit the Fastsize website anymore!
The FDA took it down!

FastSize Extender Review

The FastSize™ Penis Extender Advanced package consists of 24 products for total penile enlargement to the point of the body's fullest potential.

Fastsize promises first visible results in the flaccid state and firmness of your erections come within the first week. It’s next to impossible to see results in a week. And it’s dangerous to do it, because the principle of traction is to force your body to produce more cells naturally. This process takes time.

Effective and safe penis extenders use traction to assist the human body's natural ability to adapt under physical influence by stimulation cells dividion and multiplication.

Usually gains in girth and erect size length will start to form in a month.

According to customers' testimonials all results are permanent. However Fastsize offers a very good program with the goal of general penis health improvements in addition to getting more gains. Just keep in mind none of the other medical penis enlargement devices offer such a program because all gains achieved naturally are permanent.

FastSize Review: The Conclusion

So the conclusion is that Fastsize does not work for permanent results if you do not perform the special exercises while using FastSize Extender.

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