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Why Do You Want to Ejaculate More Sperm?

One reason a man would want to increase sperm volume is to increase fertility.

Sperm count and condition of the sperm are very important in the process of fertilizing an egg. However, there are various factors that can make your semen less fertile.

You can increase sperm production thus your chances of fertility will grow because the number of sperm in your ejaculate will be increased.

A larger amount of ejaculation will not only increase your orgasm but also make your penis harder and it last longer for your lover. This benefit is great for your sex life.

The extended pumping and orgasm can provide a more erotic sexual experience for yourself and your lover.

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Should I increase my sperm volume to ejaculate more sperm?

By increasing sperm production you also increase the amount of sperm in your ejaculate.

Larger sperm volume will make your orgasms longer and stronger.

Orgasm is the peak of sexual pleasure. During a male orgasm, different muscles contract simultaneously which causes the body to ejaculate semen.

The more semen volume needing to be ejaculated, the more contractions are needed.

Thus, when you increase sperm volume, you also increase the duration and strength of your orgasm.

Your lover will also greatly benefit from your larger sperm volume. The longer pumping and the orgasm are found more pleasurable for a woman as well as the man.

This makes it much spicier in the bedroom!

If a more intense orgasm is your goal, then a natural male enhancement like volume pills would be a great match for your desires. They not only increase ejaculate volume but improve stamina, libido, and the complete sexual experience.

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Best way to ejaculate more sperm

Over the last years, we have made indepth research of different methods to increase sperm volume thus to ejaculate more sperm.

Since discovering male enhancement pills, men have really been able to get the results they have been wanting for a increased sperm volume.

There are many sperm pills on the market but we recommend you to choose one that is organic, and 100% natural with no side effects.

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Are Orgasms and Semen Volume Related?

There is definitely a connection between a manís orgasms and the amount of semen that is involved.

Increased semen volume will result in a better orgasm.
The more ejaculate in your penis will provide you with a stronger orgasm.

Does all of this sound good?

If so, you should really buy Performer 5 to achieve the results you desire.

You can expect strong orgasms, better stamina, and a larger semen volume.
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