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Do Women Like Loads Of Cum?

When a woman is presented with this question, her answer is usually a fat YES!

Many women enjoy a confident man with a strong sense of leadership. It is attractive and they know that itís the best type of man to find for reproduction.

The same way men are attracted to large breasts and hips.

Some women may claim that they donít like cum all over their bodies. But secretly, these same women do enjoy it!

Something about it brings out their naughty side and makes them crave it. It is very enjoyable to many women.

How do you increase your ďcum shotĒ?

This brings us to the next question in our journey. If I cum a small spurt, is there anything I can do to increase it?

You can do various things to increase the amount of sperm you ejaculate. There are some dietary changes you can make like increase consumption of Muesli, lettuce, Reishi mushrooms and consuming Zinc supplements.

For a faster and longer-lasting result you can always use a male enhancement pill that is made for boosting male ejaculation volumes. This increase can be significant with some of them. Some of them promise up to 500%.

Performer 5 is the one that is the most well known and is widely used by porn stars to increase their sperm shots for their porn shoots.

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Performer5 increases the amount of sperm you produce and ejaculate.

Why is more sperm craved by many?

You can find various benefits to increased semen volume:

  • Better orgasms
  • Bigger and longer erections
  • Higher potency levels
  • Increased fertility
  • Make your lover happier !
  • A bigger desire for sex

Science proves what we already know:
Larger loads of cum = much bigger orgasms.

Yes, you read that right! You will get harder erections and as another added benefit you will have more intense orgasms with your body producing more sperm.

More semen productions makes your penis harder and able to give more intencive orgasms for you and your lover.

You wonít find anything better than the awesome feeling of sperm inside of her. A giant load of cum inside will feel really hot to a woman and enhance her sexual experience.

It is planted into women to love more sperm volume due to its correlation with reproduction.

How to ejaculate more sperm EVERY TIME you cum?

There are different ways to make sperm volume increased every time you cum.

Controlling your diet is one way some guys choose to increase sperm production but using a male supplement that is made specifically to boost sperm production takes much less time and requires far less planning.

Performer 5 tackles the issue of semen production inside of the body. It boost your bodyís natural ability to produce cum.

Performer 5 is used with only all natural ingredients so you donít have to worry at all about side effects. It is safe to take even for long periods with no side effects.

With Performer 5, you will have the biggest shots of sperm that you or your lover have ever experienced and it will help increase your orgasms. Itís all natural and there is no need for an embarrassing trip to the doctor or costly prescriptions.

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