Do Penis Extenders Work?

Do Penis Extenders Work?

The penis extender on the market today is a highly developed medical device. They are small enough to wear under a pair of baggy pants and not be seen. This is the only method that is medically approved for use to enlarge the size of your penis and is considered even safer than penis surgery.

The question most often heard is “do penis extenders work?” The answer to that question is “yes, penis extenders are one of the most effective ways there is to enlarge the size of your penis”.

Some of the more popular brands such as SizeGenetics and X4Labs are actually medically approved and carry a CE certification.

How do Penis Extenders Work?

The devices that fall into the category of penis stretching devices use the principal of medical traction. Traction has been used since ancient times.

There are tribes in Burma that actually use the principal of stacking rings around their neck to stretch the length of the neck. They will continually add additional rings between their shoulders and jaw, causing the neck to stretch and grow.

The principal of medical traction is the same. When a person suffers a deep tissue wound, the doctor will order that the injured area be placed in traction. What this does is slowly stretch the tissue around the injured area, this causes the tissue cells to split and re grow new tissue. The new tissue will fill in and heal the wound.

When you use a penis stretching device, the same principal applies. The slow stretching of tissue in the penis will cause the tissue cells to split and re grow new tissue. The new tissue in the penis results in a longer and thicker penis.

Within just a few months, you will begin to notice a difference in the size of your penis.

  • Permanent Penis Enlargement in length and girth is possible
  • Every Man CAN Enlarge The Size Of His Penis
  • Penis Stretching is Safe, Easy and Healthy
  • Traction is a Natural Penis Enlargement

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How to choose the best penis enlarger?

The main complaint heard about the penis extension devices is comfort.

Some of the lower priced brands use a noose technology to hold the penis and men find that it can be quite uncomfortable. When you move into better manufactured brands like SizeGenetics, you will find that the noose fixation has been redesigned with comfort in mind.

You will want to make sure that you find a quality penis extender device to purchase, as comfort is an issue. In order for the penis extender to work properly, you will have to wear it for extended periods of time, making comfort the number one concern if you want the device to work effectively.

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When you purchase one of the better brand extenders, such as SizeGenetics or X4Labs, you will be able to wear the device during your day to day activities. When you wear loose fitting jeans, no one will even know you are using a penis extension device.

How long is "extended time" you may ask

Most manufacturers recommend that you wear the devices for around eight hours per day and will begin to see results at around 2 to 3 months of use.

Some manufacturers recommend that the user begin using the device for only two to three hours per day at first and slowly work up to the full eight hours for comfort reasons. Some men have said it takes a couple of weeks to get used to wearing one of these devices.

One of the most important things to remember with this method of penis enlargement is that the amount of use is directly proportionate to the results that you will get.

So if you wear the device for three hours per day, you will get no where the results that a man that is wearing the device for eight to ten hours per day.

The other important factor to making the device effective for you is consistency.

In order for the penis extension devices to work correctly, you have got to be consistent in the use. If you are not consistent, you will not get the benefits that were mentioned earlier.

Traction is only useful when used consistently over a long period of time.

Read before you buy a penis extender

When you are ready to purchase your penis extender device you will notice that there are many different brands available to choose from. Some will use the basic rubber strap to hold your penis, these are the most uncomfortable. The higher end brands such as SizeGenetics feature a comfort strap or a double comfort strap that will allow much longer wear with less discomfort.

Remember, it is important to use the device as long as you can each day so comfort is of the utmost importance.

You will also get good money back guarantees with the SizeGenetics and X4 Labs Extender. If you do not like the results in the first 6 months, just return the device for a refund. Both of these companies also offer a program that if you send in the before and after pictures of your results, they will give you a refund.

I recommend the SizeGenetics - good company that stand behind their product.

SizeGenetics Penis Enlargement System Review

I hope that this review has been helpful to you in your decision to purchase a penis extension unit. Just read the review and and get more information on this product.