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Review of the Most Effective Penis Enlargement Pills

It is a daunting task to assure that you are picking the best penis enlargement pills. There are so many products to choose from and they all claim to be the best.

In an attempt to remove some of the confusion and uncertainty men face when choosing a penis enlargement pill, we have performed an extensive study in our labs and interviewed over 3,000 men to provide you with some impartial information. From our study, over 60% per cent of men survey from small penis syndrome, the most severe cases fall into the class of micro-penis that requires medical attention. It was this fact that motivated us.

We have only included the top five pills. One of the products was removed from the study when it was discovered that they committed fraud to discredit their competitors. The others either didn’t work at all or only had minor effects.

So there are only these five pills that should be considered, and there was one pill that clearly stood out: SinRex®.

#1 Rating: SinRex®

The SinRex® - the latest herbal penis enlargement pills was introduced a few Visit SinRex Enlargement Pillsmonths ago. The results shown by SinRex customers have been astounding.

SinRex has replaced VigRx as the best pill on the market to help reach your penis enlargement goal.

Based on our tests and surveys, SinRex can increase the length of your penis by 23% and the girth by 17% - tops among all pills tested. It has also been found that it helps with ejaculation control and longer lasting, harder erections.

SinRex® is an herbal blend of the highest quality natural ingredients. No side effects have been reported nor were any observed in our extensive lab tests. This blend of herbs stimulates blood flow, especially to the penis and testes. Increased testicular blood flow helps increase hormone levels. Increased penile blood flow makes erections harder and visibly larger.

Since SinRex® is natural it helps improve the health of your penis. A healthier penis helps better control of ejaculations and maintenance of an erection longer. This particular herbal blend also will give more energy in bed so that you can do more to please her and make her beg for more.

Finally, SinRex® currently offers a 90-day money-back guarantee, one of the best in the industry. The company was uncertain how long this warranty will be available since this is a limited time offer.

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#2 VigRx Plus

VigRx Plus had been the leader since its introduction. Displacing its predecessor, Visit VigRx plus enlargement pillsVigRx, that was the first penis enlargement pill and was the standard for years.

VigRx Plus is also a blend of natural herbs and has no side effects. Although its penis enlargement performance is very good, SinRex® is better.

VigRx Plus has been reported to increase penis length by 20% and thickness by 15%. The main difference between VigRx Plus and the original VigRx is the addition of Bioperine. It enhances the effectiveness of the dosage delivery so that you get the full benefit of the herbs.

You will also find Bioperine in SinRex®. It has many of the same ingredients as SinRex®, but some ingredients are missing because they are proprietary to SinRex®, and the lack of these ingredients is why VigRx does not perform as well as SinRex®. VigRx offers a 60-day money-back guarantee.

#3 ProSolution

Although ProSolution performs very well in our tests and in our survey, its delivery time of about one month is the worst of these products. Visit Prosolution PillsWho wants to wait for a month when your love life is at stake? Another downside to ProSolution is its higher cost.

In our tests, ProSolutions was comparable to VigRx Plus, and the survey results were actually a little higher. The lengthy delivery time knocked it out of contention for second place, however, and nearly placed it at #3.

ProSolution has two proprietary ingredients preventing other companies from using them. These ingredients enable ProSolution to give somewhat speedier results than others, but the results vary quite a bit from user to user.

#4 Vimax

Vimax was a disappointment. Since it had nearly the same ingredients as VigRx, we Visit Vimax Pillsexpected it to have similar performance. However, it lacked Bioperine so that you don’t get the full benefit of the other herbal ingredients. It will still increase the length of your penis and its girth, but not nearly as much as the three pills ahead of it in our study.

Vimax doesn’t offer many bonuses and won’t reward you for buying extra bottles of pills. They don’t even offer free shipping. However, if you want to see a bit of free porn, an extra bottle of pills, and an on-line penis enlargement exercise plan, maybe Vimax would suit you purposes.

Vimax does, at least, offer a 60-day money-back guarantee, and they do have good customer support, if that is important to you. Most men end up needing very little support. Vimax also is doctor approved and recommended. They also have done clinical trials. It is too bad that they don’t use Bioperine like SinRex® does.

#5 VigRx (Original Formula)

We had hoped that VigRx would score higher. It was, after all the first penis Visit VigRx Pillsenlargement pill on the market and set the standard for many years. But after all these years, other pills with new ingredients have surpassed it in performance and in speed of results. Like the other four pills, it is made from all natural herbal ingredients of high quality. It has no side effects. It will contribute to penis health.

It will make your penis longer and thicker; just not quite as much as the others. It also takes up to eight months to have full effectiveness, a major strike against it.

If you are patient, it can give very good results. When it first came out it was a hot product with porn stars. In fact, Ron Jeremey used to endorse this product. It’s hard to believe even he wanted a bigger penis!


Based on our study, SinRex® is the pill of choice.

Visit SinRex Enlargement PillsIt out performs all other pills in all areas except speed of seeing an effect, but even there it is #2 and not far behind the leader.

Any of reviewed products will be adequate.

However, we think it is clear that you will be happiest and have the best overall results with SinRex®.

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