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Reviews and Rankings of Best Penis Enlargement Exercise Programs


Have you often thought that having a larger penis could improve your sex life?

Have you thought that having a larger penis could also have a positive impact on your self-esteem and confidence?

If so, you are not alone.

Several surveys have shown that 60% or more of all men wish they had a bigger penis for just like you.

So you go to the web to try to learn the best and safest way to achieve your goal, and your head swims and aches trying to sort through the zillion websites and solutions. Should you use drugs? A mechanical device? Herbs? Exercises? What are the risks? Are there side effects? Where can you get objective answers?

That is the purpose of this website. We have had medical professionals test several exercise routines and other enlargement methods in the lab. We also conducted randomized surveys of the various exercise programs’ users to learn which of these products actually worked and which had been most successful.

We had one major surprise. Many users volunteered that they had tried almost every pill, herb, and mechanical device before finally trying exercises. Nearly all agreed that the exercises seemed to be the easiest, least risky, and most effective way to get the bigger, thicker penis they wanted.

This agrees with the lab results, and with the doctors’ opinions: “The beauty of using an exercise program is that it works just like any workout you do. As long as you follow the directions, are patient, and don’t over do it; you will gain all the benefits with no risk.”

Without further ado, let’s begin the reviews and rankings.

#1: Penis Health

Visit PenisHealth™ WebsiteBoth the users and lab results rated Penis Health as the best exercise program. Some of the other products were better in one or two of the categories, but overall Penis Health was the clear winner.

You will find that other websites have reviewed penis exercise programs as well and nearly all have rated Penis Health™ as the best product in this category. The exercises are well described in easy step by step instructions that are easy to understand. Best of all, the Penis Health program can give you gains in length of up to three inches and girth gain of up to 1.5 inches. Penis Health™ exercises will get you to your goal.

Penis enlargement exercises lab-proved to increase length and thickness.

Penis Health provides a DVD that demonstrates and explains over 33 individual penis enhancing exercises. Based on extensive research, these exercises were found to be the most effective. Nine of them are unique to this program. It is these proprietary exercises that set this program apart from the others.

Individualized support by dedicated professionals 24/7

Once you have purchased the Penis Health program, you will have unlimited access to the individualized professional support whenever you need it: 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 52 weeks a year. Any question you have, any help you need to individualize your program, will be provided with a smile by our dedicated support team.

This is in stark contrast to many of the other companies in our study. Many other companies seem to vanish once they have sold you their product. They take your money and run. Penis Health™ is totally different. Immediate help is always as close as your telephone.

Easy access to program updates and forum advice 24/7

On the Penis Health™ website you will have access to any new exercises, videos, and new techniques as they are released so that you always have the latest information. The forum allows you to exchange ideas with your peers, a proven method of enhancing and speeding up your learning and progress without increasing your risk. These two additional benefits will aid your safely achieving maximum results.

Six-month Guarantee!

Penis Health™ offers two methods of acquiring their program and all the benefits described above. The Standard Program costs $69.95 and the program is delivered on line only. The Deluxe Program includes everything in the Standard Program plus a DVD so that you have access to the program even if you don’t have access to the internet, or just don’t feel like logging on to your computer. Both Penis Health options are covered by a six-month, money-back guarantee, as good as any in the industry.

Visit the Penis Health™ Site.

#2: Penis Development

Penis DevelopmentAs the second-ranked program, Penis Development™ offers many of the same benefits as Penis Health™, but it costs a bit more for a lifetime membership and instructional DVD.

Many men have achieved substantial penis length and girth increases from using the Penis Development program. Penis Development™ claims an increase in length of up to four inches, and many men did report having significant length and girth growth. Like Penis Health™, it can take six months or so to attain the maximum results. Most men see some gains in size and improvement in sexual performance much more quickly.

Penis Development provides exceptional 24/7 individualized customer support by a full time staff. Support is also offered by e-mail. Their turn-around rate is excellent: usually within 15 hours.

Penis Development™ matches Penis Health’s™ money-back guarantee of six-months to help ease any concerns you may have. The main feature that Penis Development™ is lacking is the VIP on-line forum like the one offered by Penis Health™. This plus the missing nine proprietary exercises that Penis Health™ offers tipped the scales in favor of Penis Health™. In addition, the higher price stuck this program at possition two.

#3: Penis Video

Penis VideoPenis Video can yield increases in length and girth that are comparable to the two programs ranked ahead of it. The company has done a very good job of researching the recommended exercises and organizing them into programs targeting specific types of customers. Increases in length of three inches and 20% in girth are possible.

Where Penis Video falls down is in customer service and the finishing of the product. It does offer the same six-month money-back guarantee as the first two. It is a bit expenisive than Penis Health’s™ and it does not include the world-class service of Penis Health&trade or Penis Development™ nor the nine unique exercises of Penis Health™. On the other hand, the results with this exercise program are nearly the same as the first two yield, so this isn’t a bad choice. It just isn’t the best.

#4: Penis Advantage

Penis AdvantagePenis Advantage claims many of the same benefits as the other programs. However, one of their claims seems too good to be true. They claim that by performing their exercises for just six minutes a day that you can have permanent gains of 1-4 inches in length. However, many of their customers are satisfied with the results. And in the lab our tests showed that there was some permanent enlargement that occurred, but the maximum gain under the doctor supervised program was only 2.5” length gain and 10% girth gain.

To their credit, they explicitly say, though, that one must be diligent in applying their program and to not expect miracles.

The Penis Advantage program consists of videos and illustrations of the exercises. Also, the program has been streamlined. These two factors make their program easy to follow and achieve faster results.

Another “to good to be claim” they make is that their exercises will improve sex and cure penile curvature, impotency, early ejaculation, many other ailments, and pay the national debt (just kidding). The results in the lab when doctors monitored the practice to assure that the program was rigorously followed were not quite as impressive. Penile curvature was reduced, but not eliminated. Impotency in about 60% of the lab subjects was cured. The others noticed no difference in the ability to achieve and maintain a full erection. Similar results were obtained for their other claims.

This company only offers a short 8-week money-back guarantee. For the price of $79.95, one receives lifetime access to their website and all future updates. They do offer 24/7 support and we found their customer support people knowledgeable and courteous. They also offer some good bonuses and have occasional specials that can make this a possible choice. But based on the spotty results achieved under scientifically controlled conditions, we can not recommend this program.

#5: Penile Secrets

Penile SecretsPenile Secrets has many good features. It is primarily a video exercise program with some unique content. The company did some very thorough investigation and trials to choose the optimal exercises and programs. They invested a great deal to verify the results of their programs.

They have a passable number of exercise routines to address many common ailments as well as the enlargement, which is the main attraction, of course. Their program only requires that you invest 15 minutes per day, five days a week, but, as with all these programs, you must adhere to the program to get the maximum benefits. Like the others, it will permanently increase your penis size, help you control ejaculation, and, they claim, increase the size of the penis’s head. This claim, however, could not be verified in the lab. We contacted the company about this, but they declined to comment.

This proved to be typical of their support staff as well. They tended to be poorly trained and to be rude. At least they offer the standard 6-month money-back guarantee. This program costs nearly $100 for on-line access only and nearly $150 if you also want the DVD.

Because it is so much more expensive than the other programs and has poor customer support, we do not recommend this program.


Based on our study, Penis Health™ is the penis exercises program of choice.

Visit PenisHealth Official WebsiteIt out performs all other programs in all areas.

Alhough any of reviewed products will be adequate we recommend PenisHealth as the best choice for fast and safe penis enlargement under doctor support.

According to our research and all information we have alreaady provided above, we think it is clear that you will be happiest and have the best overall results with Penis Health™

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