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A Bigger Penisí Base or a Bigger Penis’ Head?

The penis size and its probable implications is perhaps one of the most debated and discussed issues among men for hundreds of years now.

Whether the length and the girth of a manís male organ indeed affect his performance during the act of making love with his partner is certainly a question that has left many around the world wondering.

Moreover fuelled by the fact that many women get turned on by a large penis have resulted in a crazy obsession to acquire a bigger penis.


Which Satisfies Women the Most, a Larger Penis Head or a Larger Penis Base?

Letís face reality.
Women really do prefer larger penises to smaller ones.

Not only does the sight of a large, erect penis excite a woman, it also satisfies her more thoroughly. Nearly all women will admit to experiencing more sexual satisfaction with men who have large penises.

Does a large penis head or a large base work best when bringing women to climax?

A woman might think that the head of the penis is most important, not realizing that the base plays a significant role in the process as well.

Larger Penis Heads Stimulate the Clitoris more Effectively

The penis head does play a significant role in bringing sexual satisfaction to a woman.

After all, it stimulates the clitoris during foreplay and entry. The larger the penis head, the more aroused a woman becomes because it quite obviously strokes and excites the clitoris more effectively than a small penis head.

The only problem is, once the penis is deep inside a woman, it can no longer stimulate the clitoris, which is important in bringing her to climax.


Larger Penis Bases Allow for Deeper Penetration

Men with large penis bases can penetrate vaginas much more deeply than can men with small penis bases. Large bases enable men to shoot their penises upwards to penetrate while also using their bases to stimulate the clitoris.

Even when men have smaller penis heads, some can still satisfy women as long as their bases are large because they have a dual process (penetration and stimulation) going on at the same time.

The correct answer to the question, then, is that both a large penis head and a large penis base are important to a womanís sexual fulfillment.

Having one without the other is workable but in order for the woman to experience total satisfaction, both are preferable.


Surgery is No Longer Necessary for Men with Small Penises

Men who are lacking in one or both areas donít have to worry anymore, however.

There are solutions to both problems without having to resort to expensive, painful surgery. Both a larger penis head and a larger penis base are attainable with the proper remedies.

Penis length and penis girth can be increased by using penile exercises, taking specially formulated herbs, and using penis traction devices. Men can have longer, thicker penises within two or three months just by following the proper procedures.


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